Twitter Following vs Followers: What is the Ideal Ratio?

Twitter is an active social media platform where people share information. On average there are 150 million tweets sent per minute. There are factors to consider to run a successful Twitter account. This ranges from the number of Twitter following and those that you are following, the type of content you post, and your interaction with general content on the platform.

In general, you need to balance a ratio between the followers and those you are following. Consider the following ratios to know the ideal one for your account.

10.0 Ratio: 10 following – 100 followers

This means you are following 10 people and you have 100 followers. With this ratio, it means you have access to more followers. With good content and active followers, it is possible to achieve this. Most people are in this category with their Twitter accounts.

Most brands that hire promoters lookout for this feature to know that their content will attract more traffic.

1.0 Ratio: 100 followers – 100 following

This is an average ratio. Here this is achieved by people growing their accounts. You will find someone who will follow people who follow them instantly. This is a good ratio to work with until you reach a point where the accounts that had followed you earlier are no longer following you back.

Keeping up with this can be quite hard especially when you reach higher numbers such as 1000 plus. You will either fall in the ratio category of 10.0 or 0.1.

0.1 Ratio: 100 following – 10 followers

This is not an ideal ratio anyone would like to have especially if they are active members on Twitter. Reasons for achieving this ratio is because you probably follow a lot of people and expect them to follow you back but this is not achievable.

This could also occur if you have been active on Twitter and you be inactive all of a sudden. People tend to notice inactive accounts they follow and in some instances, they are quiet.

How to gain more followers on Twitter

Use trending hashtags

Trending hashtags enable you to interact with active content and followers within that given time. When you use such hashtags, you will manage to interact with people and accounts that could be your potential followers or friends.

Post consistently

Consistency is key when it comes to gaining on any social media platform. This does not only mean any type of content, instead post high-quality content. People who realize you are consistent will be yearning for more of your content. This will lead to more followers.

Post during peak times

These are times most people are active on the platform. This includes Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. During such times, most people are either taking breaks at work, working on the Twitter platform, or are going through trending hashtags. Ensuring you are online during such times gives you the chance to interact with more people compared to any other time.

In conclusion, the Twitter ratio is not as important especially when it comes to a personal account. It is however significant that you maintain a healthy ratio.