How to Maximize Your Patient Lifecycle and Retention

Before you start reading this article, ask yourself this question: where do you focus most of your efforts on, customer acquisition or retention? If you look at the number of resources you spend, the answer is in the former. You spend a significant amount marketing the services of the company. The second question is does it pay off? Again, look at your books and the numbers. The answer to it has probably led you here.

From our research and experience in the field, patient retention brings back more returns than a concentration on acquiring new clients. However, it requires a lot of tools and techniques such as doctor appointment scheduling, customer service strategies, and many more. So, how does one go about it? In this article, we will offer you tips that will help you retain your clients, grow your business and increase your return on investment.

Employee Satisfaction

You might be wondering why we are discussing employee satisfaction. The rationale here is that a happy employee is bound to offer a patient/client quality service. If they feel valued, cared for, and appreciated, your clients will also feel the same. They are also more likely to go the extra mile and fulfill their obligations to the maximum potential.

If you are looking for ways to improve staff morale for your practice, here are some:

– Defined roles. This gives each staff member a set goal to fulfill.

– Have set policies on education and career opportunities in the company.

– Team-building exercises.

Partnering with patients

We understand that as a registered and practicing professional, you are obligated to offer your advice and recommendations on treatments and diagnosis. However, to make the patient feel more in tune with the treatment, you should work with your patients to meet the final goal.

Instead of simply telling your patients their issue and immediately offering a diagnosis, take them on a journey; explaining to them in detail the issue and highlighting how the recommendations you have given them work are the best solution.

Online portals

Just the way you value your time and resources, a patient’s time is also quite valuable. Putting in place efficient tools will help improve the retention of your current clients. With an automated system in place, your patients can easily book appointments, communicate with the relevant service provider, and cancel appointments, if need be.

While you may have installed an online portal and automated system, it is still important to have a staff member who is responsible for picking up phone calls and replying to messages/ emails. Patients might become anxious regarding their illnesses and require to be calmed down.

Engagement with clients outside the appointment time

Consider touching with your patients even after their treatment plan. This has been guaranteed as a sure to maximize a patient’s lifecycle. Every time you reach out, you are improving the relationship with them and will boost the probability of your patients coming back and suggesting your services to their friends and relatives.