How long can you park at the airport parking?

The options for airport parking have been shifting and expanding. While the medium-size and large airports now offer different options for parking, the prices are set as per the convenience and distance from the main terminal.

Short term parking

Short-term parking can generally be found near different airport terminals. They are quite convenient for passengers. However, they charge a lot. Short-term parking is developed for those people who drop off or pick up passengers. If you park your car in short-term parking, you will be charged quite a lot for it. For instance, Ontario airport parking rates are usually higher than those of smaller airports across the country.


Daily parking and garage also charge higher than long-term parking lots, but still lower than short-term parking. Regular parking lots can be found at a short driving distance from the main terminal of the airport. Usually, airports have different shuttle services, which can pick you up from parking lots and drop you off at the next terminal building.

Long-term parking

Long-term parking lots are also known as satellite parking lots. These parking lots can be at a far distance from the airport. This means that you have to take the shuttle to reach the terminal. However, they offer lower rates as compared to short-term or daily parking lots. A long-term parking lot is the best choice for someone who has to leave their car in the lot for many days. It is recommended that you keep an ice shovel in your vehicle if you are parking it in long-term parking during the winter holidays.

Valet parking

A few airports have the option of valet parking. Usually, this is the most convenient service out of all parking services since it also includes valet. However, this means that you also have to pay for this convenience. If you use the valet parking, you can expect to pay $6-$10 per hour. You will also have to check if a valet parking at the airport offers overnight parking.


In the last few years, private parking lots have increased in numbers throughout the world near selective airports. These parking lots usually offer less expensive rates as compared to the long-term parking lots of the airport. They also include the shuttle service which can pick you up and drop you off to the airport. In some off-airport parking, you can even get your car washed for free when you are away. You can further save money if you book parking at these parking lots online.

Alternate to airport parking

Another option that you can preferably use is to park your car at home. If you choose to park your car at home, you will have to find a different way to travel to the airport. Many people choose this method so that they do not have to go through the hassle of parking the car at a parking lot, paying for it, and commuting to the airport through shuttles.

Now that you have all the information, you can make an informed decision.