Can Private Investigators Enter Private Property?

Humans have a natural instinct for privacy. For this reason, we protect our homes with security and opt to keep our personal life private. If in any case, private investigators were to be given unlimited access to private property, people would indignantly break into protest. The notion that a stranger could break into your house take photos, look through your home and finances would most likely outrage many people. This is because homes are the safest places individuals identify with. People trust that even if they are being tailed in a public setting, the law will always protect their homes.

A private investigator in Melbourne

The private investigators in Melbourne provide various services; surveillance finding lost people and cheating spouses. It is legal for a private investigator to enter a property if the owner the home consents. Situations that may warrant the private investigator to enter your homes include; bug detection, cases of propriety vandalism and theft. The owner of the property, however, should hire personnel who are trustworthy so as to protect the sanctity of their home.

Home Infringement by private investigators

Trespassing by private investigators in Melbourne is considered breaking the laws. However, many people still engage the services of private investigators without the knowledge of the owner of the home. When the rogue investigators are caught, they suffer harsh legal repercussions. Such cases are common between divorced couples and its only practical if they still leave under the same roof. In this case, ownership of the house is still split and consent is from one of the partners

Misconceptions on Private Investigators

There are a lot of misconceptions on private investigators; they can assess phone records, track whereabouts of anyone you want, must have firearms, related to law enforcers. In case you notice a private investigator parking in your neighborhood without your consent, it’s within your stipulated rights to question that pattern of behavior. Some people have a false mental image that a private investigator may break into their homes go through their computers and get threatened them. This misconception allows people to be manipulated by private investigators.

Laws that keep private investigators from private property

The generalized tort of privacy invasion protects the public from private investigators who may wish to breach into their homes. This law also protects the individual from malicious people who hire private investigators to spy on their private property. The violation of the tort is punishable in a court of law. There are also privacy acts which protect individuals. The investigator may be charged with civil suits and criminal charges depending on the damages caused.


There are few records of private investigators in Melbourne breaking into private property. Anyway, private investigators still intrude in people lives. It is therefore vital for citizens to understand their rights, that it is illegal for private investigators to enter their homes without permission. However, if one wishes to engage the services of a private investigator to operate within his private premises, it is within his legal rights to do so.