What Happens When You Get 1 Million Followers on Instagram?

Instagram is becoming popular with each passing year and so is increasing its followers. It is not surprising to see influencers, celebrities, and internet celebrities to get 1 Million Instagram followers and more. According to a research conducted by Statists, here is a list of Instagram accounts of celebrities who has a good number of Instagram followers

According to this, Selena Gomez was having a great number of followers on Instagram in 2018. Whether sharing food thoughts, fashion preference photographs, stylish home decors or anything that can be photographed, Instagrammers share it all with the world. But what this is all about? Is it only sharing a photo on this particular social platform? Or there is something more to this story? Let’s checkout. What really happens when you reach the point of 1 million Instagram users is following you? You get paid, simple. When the number of your followers gets lifted up, you come to the celebrity level as explained by the Wall Street Journal. You start getting brand partnerships and collaborations with brands. If you achieve 1 million followers, it is considered that you are an amazing social media user who influences people around the globe. You are popularly called an “influencer” among the other social media users. Influencers at this level start to get connections with marketers of brands and get

endorsements as well. If you own your personal brand or beauty company or a fashion line, you can become the face of some startup businesses trying to establish their brand online. It is a kind of win-win situation for both of you. The amount a popular influencer gets paid depends on some factors like what you do, how many likes you get, what impact you have on people, or even how you are doing in the other social media platforms like YouTube. According to WSJ, an influencer with 10,000 followers can get brand endorsements and collaboration opportunities. Compensation comes as a form of free goodies which can be of worth $150 or more. Influencers with 1 million followers can get paid more than $10,000 through the Instagram platform.

How to boost Instagram followers? Majority of the Instagram users buy their followers to increase the count. But, this is not a good way to start. Always focus on boosting Instagram followers organically. You can do the following things if you want to get 1 million followers on Instagram too: 1. Focus on your picture – Pictures are everything on Instagram. Take care about the picture quality, angle, background and everything before posting it to the platform. The more professional your picture is; the more followers it will attract. 2. Content should be rich – Pay attention to what you post. To boost Instagram followers, you should focus on the content of the pictures. Promotion campaigns or brand ads look for rich contents shared by influencers through Instagram hashtags. 3. Do your marketing – You can actively contact the brands or reach out to them applying for campaigns. One thing is needed to keep in mind that the application should be competitive. 4. Consistency is the key – The things that are visible constantly becomes popular. Be consistent with posting stylish photos and stories so that people get to see you every time they open the account. 5. Link other social media – You must maintain a strong presence at the other social media platforms as well and give the link of that through your stories, post about what did you do there and everything so that followers can follow you everywhere. This will boost Instagram followers like anything. Many Instagram “influencers” achieved the life of a celebrity and you can do it too. Be consistent and become a mini-celebrity through Instagram.