Tips To Attract Your First 250K Instagram Followers?

Having trouble attracting Instagram followers? This guide will give you 5 tips to help give you an Instagram followers boost.

  1. Decide who you want to target

Different posts for different audiences doesn’t help.

You may be thinking that targeting various different audiences will help you build followers. It won’t. For example, having various posts about funny cat videos, new TV programs, video games and cooking won’t appeal to people who like just one of the aforementioned. Pet lovers aren’t going to follow you when they have no interest in video games and cooking. Why follow you for a cat video every now and then when they can follow accounts that post cat videos daily?

  1. Hashtags

Hashtags are pivotal

Hashtags are absolutely pivotal to get your content seen by a large audience. If you post a picture showing abs exercises and just put ‘Get in shape with these exercises’ you’re missing out on those who type in the search bar a hashtag such as #exercising. However, you also need your hashtags to not just be the same ones being used by millions. At the time of this post the broad hashtag #exercise has 41,585,461 posts! So if you just use the #exercise hashtag your post will just be another among tens of millions of others. What you need to do is research relevant hashtags that are being used by a good number of people. You can still use #exercise but see in the example picture that #exercises has nearly 2 million people you can target meaning your post is more likely to be seen under that hashtag. You can use up to 30 hashtags per post, so really research for a number of good ones.

  1. Tag large accounts

Large accounts may see you repost your content with a credit.

If you have a post about a famous actor, like say something funny from a film they were in, you can tag large accounts in your post. You could tag the actor themselves, showbiz websites, the studio of the film or even fan accounts. If it’s seen and reposted with credit to you then you’ll see a huge Instagram followers boost.

How to tag people:

  1. Interesting captions

‘This is two dogs barking’ *yawn*


When you put up a post adding an interesting caption this can really help to boost your followers. If you have a video of two dogs barking as if they’re in conversation with one another, come up with little story or a topical sentence. Or even pretend it’s the dogs talking. An example: ‘Me and my brother debating the Trump presidency’.

Editing photos before uploading

Make your photos stick out

Instead of just uploading regular photos like some do create a unique style. Instagram allows you to tweak the brightness and contrast and also has its own filers. However, you can use other apps to edit your photos and put your own signature twist on them.

By following the above tips will help you in your quest for an Instagram followers boost.