The best product management strategy for mobile development

Mobile and software development is a rather complicated process. When thinking about it, you need to ask yourself a lot of questions and answer them to get a thorough plan of actions. I would recommend outsourcing software development Ukraine to professionals who know the best strategies and tried them many times. However, you also need to get to know a lot of information before you start implementing your plan…

So, what to start with?

In order to develop a successful mobile application, you will first need to answer a few key questions:

* Who will use your application?

* What are you going to develop?

* How will you achieve the result?


It’s quite likely that your customers will visit your website more than once and hopefully they will visit often if you keep their viewing experience fresh, new and entertaining. This means you need to give serious consideration to making your online store easy to shop in and easy to purchase from. This may sound simple and obvious — but we have all visited websites that fall short of these basic objectives.


Since most of your potential users will be repeat clients. You should focus on their specific needs. If you have a website, Google Analytics can provide you with information about how your clients interact with the site to help you better understand what kind of application should be developed and what features should be enabled. For example. It might make sense to create a personal user area with their payment accounts and list of orders, eliminating the need for them to constantly run through the steps for payment verification.

Information from Google Analytics about your website users will also show what operating systems are used more often. This will help to decide what mobile platform, Android or IOS, should be chosen. If your visitors use both platforms almost equally, or you don’t want to lose your clients, then you might consider developing an application for both.


Once you can answer the previous questions, you’ll be ready to consider your project realization. This is the most important part of this article AND the most important decision for a successful development of your application.

Project development relies on a system of step-by-step solutions. Collectively, these steps are called product management. There are two widely used product management systems: SCRUM and Kanban. Below we will help you define which of them is more suitable for a mobile development project.

SCRUM is based on working and cooperating with clients, fulfilling the so-called “sprints”. Sprints are levels of the project development system. Each level is discussed and evaluated by a client. If you compared IT project development with building an apartment house, the first sprint will be building a floor, the next level is walls, then the roof, installing windows and doors, plastering and wiring. On each sprint, the work is divided between executors and reported to the client.

Kanban requires making a to-do list needed to complete the project. Each part of the job is divided into “swimlanes”. These are columns on a board which include Backlogging, Processing, Completing, Testing and Deploying. Each has a description for what should be done in each of the swimlanes. The next part of the project is started when the previous one is completed.

So, what is the basic difference between them and which is better to use? We believe both of them are quite good depending upon your particular needs. If you need to redesign a website or improve an application, Kanban is the better option. Kanban is designed well to help improve or add to existing applications. Kanban system developers can readily define features that need to be reworked or added to.

On the other hand, SCRUM is more suited for beginning a completely new project. Users can divide the project into many steps and complete them one by one. The most important aspect of this system is that each stage of the project is evaluated and approved. This helps to reduce mistakes and/or remove them simultaneously. Kanban’s structure requires the user to look through a full project to isolate what stage an error appeared.


Developing a mobile application ensures your services are accessible regardless of the computer or mobile device being used. For some businesses, such as transportation or banking, it’s an important feature because clients may use their services at times when they can’t use a computer or prefer to use a mobile device. Careful consideration of several key factors will help businesses select the best platforms and features. SCRUM and Kanban project management software both offer advantages based upon your needs and specific project goals.